“Soil is the thinnest of veneers between rock and sky: growing over millennia, it can vanish in seconds. Without it, none of us would live. And I’m sure that many people see Art in a similar way.”

Mick Rand, Plot 3, Fitzroy Park Allotments

The earth is our source of life, it is limited and cannot be expanded, it is common to us all.

Set in the eighty-plot Fitzroy Park Allotments in Highgate, London - ‘Closer to the Veg’ is a group exhibition which uses nature and land as source. The special environment of this allotment site is turned into an

open-air exhibition space, with paths of discovery and discussion to be trod thoughtfully. 

The project has engaged thirty resident plot-holders, initiating and encouraging them to collaborate with sixteen artists, whose largely site-specific installations will be encountered throughout the location. The show will explore themes from sustainability to destruction, loneliness and communality, labour and leisure, hunting, gathering and survival.

The public is invited to explore the allotment works and participate in related activities and performances from the ritual planting of the shiniest berry in the world to earth meditations and an evening of allotment speed-dating;

‘Pick me I’m Juicy!’

Photography by Fred Marriage


Participating artists: Matt Ager, Pavel Braila, Bompas & Parr, Ben Cain, Sol Calero, Lucy Evetts, Dmitri Galitzine, Alexander Glass, Pil & Galia Kollectiv, Zoe Marden, Jonathan McCree, Andrew Mealor, Paloma Proudfoot, Hermione Spriggs and Jonathan Trayte.

We hosted an allotment speed-dating night as part of Jonathan McCree's project