From a jewellery Parade with Alternative Miss World Founder Andrew Logan through the soon-to-be demolished Elephant and Castle shopping Mall (see images above) to STASIS’s lip-sinking, flash mob musical based on the art of hairdressing, the exhibition aims to include and respond to hair and beauty salons and their local communities.

Salon 63 is Galitzine (formerly Galitzine Mackenzie’s) 5th curatorial project in public spaces around London. 17 artists have been invited to explore the culture and communities of hair and beauty salons located along London’s 63 bus route. The project will pair artists with a variety of salons to develop a series of conversations leading to site-specific works in and around each salon in May-September 2018.

Salon 63 will run from Peckham to Clerkenwell. Including a breadth of communities, in regards to ethnic background, socio-economic prosperity, historical roots and political predilections, the exhibition will investigate and recognise London’s diversity.

Salons have the distinct quality of existing within most communities and their treatments can sometimes transcend differences of class, race and economic background in their customers. In other cases, specific communities' needs define the salons and the activities of the realm. The varying social function of these spaces, as well as the ability for owners to transcend and bring together clients of different backgrounds, makes the salon a place of nuanced political possibility—a site in which individuals' identities are both reinforced and challenged, created and remade.

The artists invited to produce work for the exhibition understand the sometimes sensitive nature of entering these locales and intend on creating work which seeks to explore these tensions and opportunities for growth.