Our local collaborators are very important to us so we thought we would share with you a few comments by some of our favourites from last year's exhibitions.

Alexander Glass  Farm Hands (On A Hot Day)  on Sally and Mike's Plot

Alexander Glass Farm Hands (On A Hot Day) on Sally and Mike's Plot

Sally (Plot holder host to Closer to the Veg)

"Closer to the Veg was probably the best thing that ever happened at Fitzroy Park Allotments.

It brought nearly everyone together and gave us a new look at ourselves, the site and how we reflect into the slightly wider world outside. For me it opened up a new way of looking at the space, our work and how we relate within and without of the allotment environment. For others I think it was surprising and enlightening and delightful. For once we were not just there to tend the vegetables but interacting with the fantastic young artists who worked with so many of us in so many different ways. The diversity of work and ways of making work was quite astonishing and it all came together on an opening day and night that brought friends, families local residents and other artists together to showcase what we all love and do best. The artists were totally open to collaboration, sensitive to the needs of the space, its function as a working and growing environment and were really keen to engage with all of us. Olga and Sasha are amazing networkers and organisers, genuinely warm and interested in working out what makes things and people tick, connecting people, ideas and places in ways that throw open new possibilities, visual and emotional experience, and relationships.

I still feel a warm glow thinking about it."

Emma (Local boat resident, headdress creator and co-driver for our procession)



“Pompe was inspirational! We were led on a journey of surprise, awakening, beauty and humour. It was immersive and inclusive and full of wonder. I can’t wait to see more. It was a wonderful community led project within the boating community close to Regents Park. While just under a mile away the barriers and divides were succinctly in place in Frieze, Pompe provided a place for each and everyone.”

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